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Frequently Asked Questions about VA Loans

Do you have a question about applying for a VA loan? Check out our frequently asked questions to get the answers you're searching for.

Who is eligible to apply for a VA loan?
You can apply if you are a(n) active duty military member, veteran, reservist, or military spouse. Also, all U.S. military ranks and branches can apply for VA Financial loan options.
Do I get a chance to review my interest rate and loan terms before submitting my application?
Yes! At VA Financial, the loan application process allows potential borrowers to review all their loan's terms and rates before committing to the loan. You will be informed of your loan's total cost, your customized interest rate, and any other benefits offered.
How much money can I borrow?
You can qualify for up to $417,000 for a home loan, $350,000 for a business loan, and $40,000 for a personal loan.
Does having bad credit impact my loan eligibility?
No! If you have poor or no credit, you are still eligible to apply for a personal, home, or business loan. Having bad credit doesn't instantly disqualify you from any loan offers at VA Financial!
Upon approval, how quickly can I expect to receive my money?
Depending on the type of loan you apply for, you can expect cash to be transferred to your bank account in as few as 2 to 4 business days.
Do I have to put up my car or house to secure a VA loan?
All personal loans for veterans (and most VA business loans) are unsecured and do not require collateral. VA home loans are secured, and the property being financed is held as collateral until the loan has been paid off.
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